Absolutely loved everything in my Biz in the Bag! Can't wait to order from many of the vendors!  ...Cherry Cayke 

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Events & Expos nationwide by providing information and awareness through Swag Bag Ads. 1000's of people pass through events and take home information in our Swag Bags to review later. Don't discount the simplest form of marketing

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I received a swag bag at a local business opening. Sara's bag was the best I have ever received of any event I have ever attended before. Highly recommend her service for anyone trying to get the world out and needing exposure...Heidi Epstein 


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I enjoy getting surprises in the mail especially today. Thanks Sara Lopez with Swag Bag Marketing at www.swagbagmarketing.com I will always be a fan and great items and materials I can use. The package made my day, thanks much.....Patricia Hartfield

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