Events are Open

for March 2018

4 B2B net workers @ 30 bags each (1 set each week, repeats)
2 Biz Luncheons @ 30 bags each (1 set each week, repeats)
2 St Patrick Events @ 50 bags each (special requests)
1 Spring Fling Event @ 50 bags (special request)

***330 total opportunities for new customers or recruits
Just $99
Cute packaging ideas and St. Paddy specials with them would be nice!!
Also Easter requests are coming in.

Lots of Spring Wedding Expo's too!
Grab their attention! Make them want to order from you.

Quick pay option


​​​Mix and Match any events

$30 per 100 swag ads
Follow our FB page for specials & updates
*Our events fill very quickly with vendor inserts
we only allow 1 type vendor or service per event. 
**Please note these events are open to Swag Bag Ads only

​​ biz in the bag™

Swag Bag Marketing Plans

Coming up..

Events are sending in requests!!!

Invest in your business

by advertising your product/services

or your upcoming conference/event

in our marketing bags.

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