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Swag Bag Marketing Plans

 Events are Open

for April 2018

3 B2B net workers @ 30 bags each (1 set each week, repeats)
2 Biz Luncheons @ 30 bags each (1 set each week, repeats)
2 Business After Hour Events @ 25 bags each ( each month, repeats)

200 Opportunities to Market your Biz Just $60.
Easy check out at www.paypal.me/BizintheBag/60

Cute packaging ideas and Spring specials with them would be nice!!
*Also Cinco de Mayo requests are coming in. We supplied 4 restaurants with 50 bags each the last 3 years.

Quick pay option


​​​Mix and Match any events

$30 per 100 swag ads
Follow our FB page for specials & updates
*Our events fill very quickly with vendor inserts
we only allow 1 type vendor or service per event. 
**Please note these events are open to Swag Bag Ads only

Coming up..

Events are sending in requests!!!

Invest in your business

by advertising your product/services

or your upcoming conference/event

in our marketing bags.

Don't delay.